90 Degree Adhesive Peel Strength Test on a Universal Testing Machine

Posted by Andrew DeWolfe on Mon, Apr 12, 2010 @ 12:04 PM

This video shows a 90 degree adhesive peel strength test on an ADMET eXpert 7601 universal testing machine (tensile testing machine).  We fit the eXpert 7601 with our 90 degree peel strength fixture and one vise grip on the top crosshead to hold the free end of the tape.  The fixture has numerous tapped holes that allow you to clamp a multitude of various parts and substrates to the test bed.  This test measures the maximum load and also the average load of adhesive tape bonded to a Polystyrene foam substrate.  The average was taken after 1" of displacement and continued through 6" of displacement.  Usually, the highest force is observed at the beginning of a peel test and then it levels out throughout the remainder of the test.  Starting the average force calculation after 1" removed the "starting force" from the average calculation.



Topics: Plastic, Adhesive